​Welcome to Hill Health, a Hill Physicians Practice.

Hill Health in Oakland's "Pill Hill" neighborhood is doctor​s' office with experienced physicians who have served the East Bay community in private practices for years. These doctors and nurses founded Hill Health under the principle that the patient experience during and after the appointment are of primary importance. The entire staff is committed to offering excellent medical care and superior customer service.

Hill Health offers comprehensive family medical care, prompt appointments, personal attention and a teamwork approach to healthcare. This means if your doctor is not available another one of the Hill Health team of doctors is there to assist you.

Convenient appointment times are available and, in many cases, we can make an appointment with you for the same day. Call us if you need a lunch time appointment or need flexibility after work - we are here to assist you when you need us.

Find the provider that is right for you, or give us a call and we'll introduce you to one of our excellent doctors today