Lawrence I. Schwartz, M.D., FACP


M​eet Dr. Schwartz

​Lawrence I. Schwartz, M.D., FACP, developed an early love of science and research, thanks to the influence of two uncles, one a pharmacologist and the other a pediatrician and biochemist. “My uncle would bring me down to his biochemistry lab when I was young and I thought it was so cool,” he says.

Dr. Schwartz enrolled in medical school in his native Chicago, determined to become both a doctor and a researcher. When he got into his third year of medical school and began seeing patients, a whole new world opened up to him. His patients inspired him and he loved the problem-solving aspect of diagnosing an illness or condition and then treating it.

“I was surprised to discover how much I liked clinical medicine and the relationships I developed with patients,” says Dr. Schwartz. “I dropped the idea of also getting my PhD and doing research and decided to focus on internal medicine.”

After finishing his training, Dr. Schwartz moved west to practice at a not-for-profit community clinic in Oakland. He moved into private practice in Oakland in 1982 and has been in the area ever since.

While many television shows about medicine emphasize the drama of saving lives, Dr. Schwartz says there isn’t a lot of drama in internal medicine, and that suits him just fine. “Helping someone control their blood pressure or diabetes may not be dramatic on a day-to-day basis, but it’s helping them live longer and better,” he says. “I can’t imagine a more rewarding profession.”

Dr. Schwartz pursues many hobbies outside of work, including photography, skiing, reading, and playing the guitar and banjo. He also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Specialty: Internal Medicine
​Medical School: Rosalind Franklin Chicago Medical School of Health
Residency: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine 1975- LIFE
Languages: English​


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